Business lesson from crows


I was always amazed how smart crows are …

I remember a few years ago watching a documentary about crows on National Geographics.

I think it was in Canada, some scientist studying why crows were ‘riding’ on the back of wild pigs. I can’t remember the exact details, but they ended up with the conclusion that they doing it for fun only :D

They are birds … Doing things for no other purpose than entertainment?

Actually we do have a few things to learn from crows…

First of all that we need to have some fun every now and then.

On the top of that, they are very adaptive to their environment. Crows live around people and utilise the human ‘inventions’ for their benefit and as a result they are booming, just like humans.

Less ‘entrepreneurial’ species are suffering from humans extending their habitats rapidly, however there are some benefiting and booming along with the humans.

They have the ability and willingness to alter their ‘strategies’ for life.

It is a skill that’s very useful in business and in life.

Joshua Klein takes it to the next level and I am totally amazed by his ‘theory’ of involving crows and having them living with us on a whole new level.

A mind blowing thought in my opinion that makes me very positive about what the future has to offer.


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thomas January 5, 2013 at 10:42 am

Crows have the biggest vocabulary out of all of the birds when you teach them to talk. I also read a readers digest article on them around 15 years ago which said, that when one of them has misbehaved they hold court and decide whether to kick it out of the roost, which sometimes they actually do. Fantastic creatures, nice to see a post which is not about backlinks or seos lol


krisztian January 7, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Thanks for the comment, interesting info about the ‘crow court’ :)


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